More About Me

It is the experiences and the relationships my clients and I create that make what I do incredibly rewarding.  The friendships that have devoloped over the years are worth every hour I spend in Real Esatate.  Nice to say after 41 years, I still love this business because of the people.

One day this last year, my phone rang and to my surprise it was from the Peterson's, whom had purchased their home from me in 1984.  They hoped that I would remember them and wanted me to market their home and assist them with purchasing brand new construction.  It was my pleasure to renew the relationship.  They are now comfortably in their new home and loving it.

Tyler and Laura

"I'll start by noting that we didn't have the easiest home buying process.  Before we eventually closed on our dream home we saw countless homes, made offers on 3 homes, and had 2 of those accepted.  However, on the first 2 offers that we had accepted we bumped into a couple of issues on each inspection,  just weird things that you couldn't have seen coming.  My wife and I were pretty bummed out both times it happened to say the very least.  But Gerry and Trent always remained positive and reassured us that everything would eventually work out and most importantly, they gave us the right advice.  Working with Trent and Gerry was a joy.  They are two of the most kind and genuine people I've ever come across and they are without a doubt the best real estate professionals I've every met."  How thrilling it was to hear them say these words.

Helping past clients, client and agent referrals, family and friends is what this business is all about.

Love it!  It's my passion